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Energy Capital Partners is a private equity firm focused on investing in North America’s energy infrastructure. Since 2005, the Firm has raised over $13 billion in commitments, utilizing this capital to build and acquire investment platforms across multiple energy sub-sectors. With offices in Short Hills, New Jersey, Houston, Texas and San Diego, California, Energy Capital Partners seeks to leverage its team’s decades of energy experience in investing and managing energy infrastructure assets and businesses to serve its investors and portfolio companies.

We strive to utilize a disciplined investment approach focused on acquiring and developing interests in high quality assets, contracts and businesses primarily in the following sectors:


Power Generation

Fossil fuel generation and renewable energy facilities

Midstream Oil & Gas

Gas storage, pipelines and other related assets

Electric Transmission

New and existing lines

Energy Equipment & Services

Manufacturing, construction and services related to the energy industry

Environmental Infrastructure

Infrastructure assets addressing environmental challenges of fossil and nuclear power generators

Other Energy Related Assets

Other products and services supporting the power, oil and natural gas sectors as well as energy efficiency and construction platforms


Equity Funds
Energy Capital Partners’ flagship private equity funds invest predominantly in control opportunities in North American energy infrastructure. We intend to opportunistically pursue both the purchase of existing assets, contracts and businesses and the development and construction of new ones. We seek to add value to these assets and businesses in several ways:

• Putting in place optimal contractual support in the areas of fuel supply and energy sales
• Designing and implementing effective commodity risk management programs
• Executing expansion and add-on strategies
• Operational enhancements
• Optimizing the capital structure
• Positioning our investments for the most attractive exit market or vehicle

Our extensive industry experience enables us to take the lead in designing and implementing these strategies. Our approach is not to outsource value creation, but instead to be actively involved in implementing these plans.


Mezzanine Opportunity Fund
Energy Capital Partners’ Mezzanine platform was formed in response to the strong flow of attractive debt investment opportunities seen in the normal course of deal screening for our equity funds. The enormous and accelerating capital needs of the energy industry combined with the extreme capital pressures on many European Banks, which have historically served as the industry’s primary source of project finance lending, has created an opportunity to structure attractive secured loans that include equity participation.

Short Hills, New Jersey | Houston, Texas | San Diego, California

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